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Permanent Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe is Permanent Makeup?

When done properly and under proper conditions, there are no opportunities for disease transmission according to the Center of Disease Control.  Permanent makeup is very safe.

Will Permanent Makeup fade over time?

Yes, Permanent Makeup does fade over time.  There is one Touch Up procedure needed four to six weeks after the initial procedure.  Most people will need to have their Permanent Makeup refreshed at some point, which is usually from one to five years.

Are Permanent Makeup procedures painful?

Everyone is different in their tolerance and sensitivity.  A topical numbing solution is used to help numb the area that will be worked on before starting the procedure.  Reapplying the numbing topical is usually permitted during the procedure.

Do people ever have an allergic reaction to Permanent Makeup?

The chances of developing an allergic reaction to pigments is extremely remote.  Less than 1% in over 100,000 procedures resulted in an allergic reaction, according to "Micro Pigmentation, State of the Art by Charles S. Zwerling M.D.

What things should I remember before my Permanent Makeup procedure?

  • Eye contacts cannot be worn during the Permanent Makeup procedure.
  • Eyelash Extensions should NOT be worn during eyeliner procedure. A waiting time of one week should be allowed before applying a new set.
  • Remove all make-up before your procedure. We want the skin clean and free of any non-sterile particles that could be an issue when we're doing any procedure of this nature.
  • Please stop taking any medications not prescribed by a doctor that "thin" your blood five to seven days before your procedure.  
  • If you take any medication for nerves, anxiety or pain, please make sure you have a driver for your ride home.
  • If you have allergies, it is permitted to take Benadryl before your procedure.
  • Drink plenty of water five to seven days before your procedure.
  • For Permanent Makeup procedures on lips, if you get cold sores frequently; you will need a prescription from your doctor.  Please start taking your medication five to seven days before your procedure.