• $495-  Eyebrows Designer (Hairstrokes, Ombre, or Hybrid)
  • ​$495-  Eyeliner Full (top and bottom)
  • $249-  Eyeliner Basic (top or bottom)  add $75 for thick
  • $300-  Top Eyeliner and Lashline
  • $595-  Eyeliner Designer "smoky eye" (This includes top & bottom for any Designer style)
  • $349-  Lipliner
  • $595-  Full Lip Color
  • $595-  Eye Shadow
  • All premium services and pricing includes a 4 to 6 week followup
  • $  50-  Beauty Mark (one time Procedure)


Its time to join the growing number of women who not only go to bed each night looking as though they just stepped out of the makeup chair, but those same trendsetters also wake up with that same finished look. Permanent Makeup allows you to not only look your best 24 hours a day, but it also helps cut down on the amount of time women spend getting ready.  Regardless if you are a busy professional, busy stay at home mother, or if you tackle both of those jobs each day, Permanent Makeup is the secret to saving time and looking good whatever your situation.

We are certified and licensed by the State of Texas and use only the latest state of the art industry leading Nouveau Contour IQ machines.  The IQ machine automatically sets the needle pressure and needle frequency. During pigmentation, the IQ handpiece constantly measures the skin resistance and automatically adjusts the needle frequency and needle pressure for optimal and even pigmentation. The right balance ensures the best results and precise pigmentation.

Corrective & Camouflaging Procedures at SalonZ offer our clients the most advanced methods of cover-up available.  By taking this methodology one step further; those suffering from thinning hair or "male pattern" baldness find much-added confidence after completion.  Call today for a Free Consultation, which will include custom pricing based on the extent of the procedure needed.

What to know before your procedure

Permanent Makeup is a type of tattooing procedure and given the fact, its results are visual and impactful to your appearance, great care must be made in order to ensure the outcome is perfect.  To ensure you get the best outcome from your procedure we require you to do several things in order to prepare for your appointment.

  • Please wear or bring an old shirt for your procedure.  Because we use pigments that can stain clothing if it gets on them, we suggest something old and you are not concerned about it.
  • During your procedure, you will not be able to use your smart phone.  In today's technology-driven world we understand just how difficult it can be, however, most of our procedures only take 30-45 minutes.  So please be prepared for a little downtime while at our salon.
  • If you wear contacts they must be removed prior to your procedure but can be put back in as soon as it is done.
  • After a procedure, a few patients desire to use eye drops for there eyes.  We suggest Refresh Optive brand eye drops (single use). 

Permanent Makeup & Medical Micro-Pigmentation

 Scars​,  Skin Discolorations, Birth Marks, &

 Hair Loss "balding" (men and women)

Permanent Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

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